Since 1936, Exail Technologies has been developing innovative and complete technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments. The group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes.

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Immersion in French SMEs and ETIs, quoted

Meet EXAIL TECHNOLOGIES, French ETI, global high-tech champion specializing in autonomous robotics and marine navigation.

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BFM Business | Find Pierrick Bauchet talk on Exail Technologies in Pépites & Pipeaux program

Watch the interview of Pierrick Bauchet, Managing Director of INOCAP Gestion, in the program “Pépites & Pipeaux”, on Exail Technologies (ex Groupe Gorgé) ; a global high-tech champion specialized in autonomous robotics and maritime navigation.

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ECA Group and iXblue join forces and become Exail

Following the acquisition of iXblue by Group Gorgé end of September, ECA Group and iXblue announced today that both companies will be operating under a new common brand: Exail.

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ECA Group and TechnicAtome sign a partnership for the electrical system of future submarines

As part of the 3rd generation nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) program, TechnicAtome and ECA Group have recently signed a major contract for the production of the submarines’ electrical systems. The signing of the contract marks the progress of the program in its implementation phase.

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ECA Group and iXblue enter exclusive negotiations period to create new European high-tech champion

ECA Group and iXblue have entered an exclusive negotiations period to bring the two French companies together. Carried out by Group Gorgé, this operation will lead to the rise of a European high-tech industrial champion in the fields of maritime, inertial navigation, space and photonics.

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ECA Group supports its strong national and international growth by expanding its historic site of La Garde

Enjoying a strong national and international growth for 5 years, ECA Group recently acquired a plot of 13,400 m2 near its premises in La Garde, France. This acquisition of several million euros supports the modernization of its industrial tool initiated 3 years ago, which includes its new sites in Montpellier, France and Ostend, Belgium.

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Dominique Giannoni is appointed CEO of ECA GROUP as of 2 November 2021

Dominique Giannoni will soon join ECA GROUP as Chief Executive Officer, replacing Guénaël Guillerme who has chosen to focus on new business projects. He will bring his 30 years of experience in the high-tech sector to ECA GROUP as well as his broad knowledge of the aerospace, defence and naval industry.

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ECA GROUP selected in three European defence research projects within the EDIDP programme

The European Commission has recently published the list of consortia chosen in the framework of the EDIDP 2020 programme which cover a wide spectrum of different subjects. ECA GROUP is proud to be present in three of these collectives: MIRICLE, CUIIS and USSPS.

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“France Relance”: ECA GROUP has received €3 million in subsidies to invest in innovation and technology

The French government has chosen ECA GROUP’s aeronautical division in Toulouse for a major investment  as part of the recovery programme “France Relance”.

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ECA GROUP supplies testing solutions for aircraft in production to a client in the Aeronautics sector

ECA GROUP was awarded a major order to supply all testing solutions for onboard systems. 

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ECA Group confirms its commitment to French Army – UAV 180 supported during the health crisis

Throughout the health crisis period in May and June 2020 ECA Group delivered equipment for UAVs IT180 of the French Army.

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ECA GROUP wins four million euro contract in South Korea

ECA group has been awarded a contract worth approximately four million euros for the delivery of the pilot console for the South Korean submarine Jangbogo III.

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ECA Group: new sale of underwater drone

The company announces a new sale of the A18 range of autonomous AUV underwater drone, which will be delivered to the customer in late 2019 in a deep-water version (A18D) and will be intended for civilian underwater inspection and mapping applications.

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ECA Group partners with DCNS

ECA Group expands the use of its IT180 (< 30kg) mini helicopter drone to maritime applications and partners with DCNS, which, with its expertise in naval systems, will contribute to the completion of the necessary studies for the integration of this drone on ships

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ECA Group awarded contracts to equip 680 aircrafts with Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs)

ECA Group, through its newly acquired ELTA affiliate, recently won contracts nearing a total of 3 M€ for supply of Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) to equip 680 single aisle aircrafts in Asia, Europe and USA.

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ECA Group announces 2nd contract for Military Vehicle Training Simulators

ECA Group was awarded a new contract by same customer in Middle East for the supply of Military Vehicle Simulator (MVS) for 3 additional schools. The amount of the contract is significant for the group.

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ECA Group chosen by Ifremer to develop an innovative ultra-deep Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

ECA Group was recently awarded a contract more than 2 M€ with Ifremer (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea) for the development and delivery of an ultra-deep water (6000 m) AUV dedicated to survey and inspection.

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ECA, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announces the acquisition of 60% of the capital of BE Mauri

ECA, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announced that it had acquired 60% of the capital of BE Mauric from Ciranoë, which had been the majority shareholder since 2007, taking over from Sirehna, a historic shareholder since 1994. Ciranoë as the other shareholders, including the members of the Executive Board, remain in the capital.


ECA receives Innovation Award

This Trophy rewards a patent called STERNA, a combination of a drone and a magnetic sensor carrying by this drone a magnetic sensor that will be able to measure the magnetism of the ship during its flyby. Having low magnetism is essential for these ships in order to avoid exploding on mines capable of detecting […]


ECA: Recurring operating income multiplied by 6

First-half revenue was 53.0 million euros, up 23.0% compared to the first half of 2015. The second quarter was particularly high with revenues of 33.5 million euros, a level never reached by the ECA group for a second quarter.


ECA: a 10 million euro contract

The ECA Group recently won a new export contract for the delivery of 3 autonomous underwater mine-fighting drones. The contract, worth around 10 million, includes the supply of three surface naval drones.


ECA Group announces +60% growth in net income and excellent outlook for 2016

The group’s turnover grew by +12.1% over the year, well above the set targets.


Neutralizing malicious drones: a major innovation of the ECA Group

ECA Group, a leading company in robotics for more than thirty years and subsidiary of the Gorgé Group, has just made a major contribution to the fight against unwanted overflights of sensitive sites with the development of a drone capable of locating (in less than a minute), identify and prosecute non-compliant pilots and air carriers.