Our values: Supporting your assets with transparency and proximity

Dedicated staff including 5 managers

Average seniority

A dedicated team at your service

Vincent Godfroid
Head of Wealth Management
Florence SARRAT
Wealth Manager
Xavier Des Brosses
Wealth Manager
Bruno Pelard
Wealth Manager
Jean François Salliot
Wealth Manager
Brice Teisseire
Wealth Assistant
Garance Monnier
Wealth Assitant
Olivier Couderc
Wealth Assitant

The relationship with our experts will be marked by proximity, accessibility, stability and durability: we will accompany you over the long term, with total transparency and commitment at all times. To ensure the security of your assets, the accounts are opened with solid banking and insurance partners in France and Luxembourg. You also benefit from the quality of the back office and the robustness of the insurance products of prestigious companies.

Our investment solutions

We offer a wide range of investment solutions to meet all your needs, whether they are to save, to have a complementary income or to prepare your retirement or to create investment vehicles adapted to the patrimonial stakes of your family (Example: Dedicated Internal Funds).

Our expertises

To help you better understand the wealth environment that surrounds you, our Private Banking team can assist you through several areas of expertise, such as life insurance and Luxembourg life insurance, capitalization contracts, PEA and PEA-SME or even securities accounts, PER and FID/FIC funds.

To learn more about the existing envelopes, contact us. contact@inocapgestion.com / tel. +33 (0)1 42 99 34 60

Your questions, our answers

Because each client is unique and you have very specific savings projects, our private managers are your privileged contacts and manage your assets in accordance with your wealth objectives and with a constant concern for preserving and enhancing your assets. This is their core business and you are their priority. You can choose to maintain frequent contact with them. You are kept closely informed of the investments and developments in your portfolio and regularly receive detailed management reports.

INOCAP Gestion’s Private Banking team is made up of 6 people, including 3 dedicated managers, with a recognized know-how and an average seniority of 19 years. Their professionalism brings comfort to our partners and clients. Our private managers rely on all the expertise developed by INOCAP Gestion, and deliver a local service to each of our clients.

We recommend a mixed approach combining live securities, funds from the QUADRIGE range and funds from external management companies. This validates the validity and independence of our approach, which guarantees that your interests are respected.

You have your money at your disposal at any time. In 95% of our products open to subscription, your assets are liquid within a short period of time (see contract terms and conditions of the products concerned). On the other hand, early withdrawals may have tax implications.


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