Our responsible approach

Since its inception by 2007, INOCAP Gestion acts with strong commitments in its investment activities. Investing at the heart of the economy to support innovative and entrepreneurial companies in their expansion strategy, we are very sensitive to their challenges and requirements. The ESG policy (environmental, social and governance) became among these and constitutes a major topic for those who believe in an ambitious economy and are forward looking.

As a responsible, independent and transparent asset manager, INOCAP Gestion seeks to ensure client satisfaction, both through the financial performance of its products and through extra-financial commitments. By giving an additional meaning to investment,  the adoption of a responsible approach contributes to this qualitative and demanding conception of our missions. INOCAP Gestion is conviced that good understanding of the ESG issues by companies and their management improves dialogue and creates the conditions for sustainable success.

Since 2018, our commitments and approach have reached a new step by the signing of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), which applies to all our investments, and is also implemented through our internal Social Responsibility Policy.

INOCAP Gestion is confident in the improvement and agility of the companies we support through our mutual funds. Thanks to our customers and distributors’ loyalty, our company is able to make a long-term commitment and add new positive initiatives to our responsible approach.

To ensure clarity and independence for our investors, we provide with transparency our commitments and results. In order to encourage good corporate practices, we have been elaborating an independent ESG approach together with a Responsible Investment Policy.

Our investment approach is conviction based, whether it concerns fundamental, financial or any other criteria to be analysed. It is therefore the deep understanding of the companies we invest same as the numerous discussions we have with their managers or employees that enable us to give meaning to non-financial information and guarantee with sustainability our approach towards our investors .

Our commitments

United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment

We commit to adopting and applying the 6 Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) defined by the UN, along with other investors who are working to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into their investment practices. Since January 2019,  all INOCAP Gestion’s mutual funds comply with the 6 UN PRI:

  1. We take (environmental, social and governance) into account the ESG issues in our investment process and decision-making.
  2. We integrate the ESG issues into our shareholding practices.
  3. We ask the entities in which we invest to publish reports on their ESG practices, or when they are unable to do so, to explain their approach to ESG issues.
  4. We encourage the adoption and implementation of the Principles in the asset management and financial sector in general.
  5. We work in partnership with financial sector actors who are committed to respecting the PRI to improve their effectiveness.
  6. We report on our ESG principles implementation and evolvement within our activities

Our Internal Sustainable Policy

Because each action counts, our corporate team have implemented waste recycling processes and sustainable consumption methods.

INOCAP Gestion’s internal policy also promotes equal opportunities and the inclusion of everyone in the company’s projects.

For more information, you can consult our responsible engagement policy.

The associations we support or have supported

Support to the young French creative scene ” contemporary art “

Our range of SRI/Relance funds

The labeling of our entire range of French and European equity funds is the culmination of a comprehensive, transparent and rigorous investment process that leads to a drastic selectivity of our investments, upstream of the portfolio construction process. This investment process includes a first filter, based exclusively on the analysis of fundamentals, which leads to a concentration on the most innovative and differentiating world leaders, with a proven profitable growth profile based on an internal INOCAP Gestion rating. This selection, focused on the highest quality, forms the basis of reference for our second filter based on ESG criteria. Our ESG approach is in perfect continuity and complementarity with our fundamental analysis. The transversal involvement of the management team guarantees this.

This requirement for analysis and the rigor of the method apply to all our investments, regardless of the size of the capitalization and the place of listing. The singularity of our management commitment, since our creation, reveals its full dimension through the formalization of our SRI approach. For more than 13 years now, we have focused our investments on the most differentiating companies whose ongoing innovations reinforce industrial progress (ODD9) while preserving environmental resources (ODD12). Our committed field approach, which encourages dialogue with operational staff, facilitates the search for material gains in industrial productivity and resource savings.

To know more about the SRI Label and Relance Label

The SRI label aims to provide investors with better visibility on SRI products by guaranteeing that their management is based on solid methodologies with a strong transparency requirement and quality information.

The “Relance” label enables savers and professional investors to identify mutual funds that meet the financing needs of French companies, whether listed or not, and thus to mobilize savings for the recovery.

Obtained the award for the best SRI management over one year.

Awarded by the magazine Mieux Vivre Votre Argent, the prize for the best SRI management over one year highlights all the long-standing efforts made at INOCAP Gestion on the SRI quality of our investments and also follows the obtaining of the SRI label for the following quadrige funds: QUADRIGE FRANCE Smallcaps, QUADRIGE RENDEMENT France Midcaps, QUADRIGE EUROPE Midcaps and QUADRIGE MULTICAPS Europe.

Our ESG documentation

We believe that the effectiveness of ESG approaches in asset management depends on the intention to meet the same requirements internally as externally with regard to investments. Thus, our approach was to start by submitting to the exercise by being rated by Vigéo Eiris, a world-renowned extra-financial rating agency, which evaluates the level of integration by organizations of social, environmental and governance factors in their strategy, operations and management functions.

INOCAP Gestion is the first asset management company in France to undergo this transparency exercise.

Our news

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