Caracteristics of the fund

Historically, INOCAP Gestion’s investments have focused on highly innovative companies in niche markets with a strong added value.
FCPI QI 2017 favours companies (most are listed) for whom innovation is a core component of their development.

The FCPI QI 2017 fund offers an option to reduce the liability for wealth tax by 45% on the amounts invested, as well as an exemption from capital gains (excluding social charges), in return for a capital-loss risk and a lock-in period of five and half years.

CLOSED FUNDS– CODE ISIN : FR0013221439 – CLOSED SINCE  31/12/2017



FCPI (innovation mutual fund)


Income tax or wealth tax or a combination of income tax and wealth tax

Approval date


Fund end date


Lifetime of fund

5 years, renewable once for 1 year

ISIN code


Year of issue



Past performance is no indication of future performance.
The benchmark index is given for information only. Before any subscription, investors are advised to read the KIID and the prospectus of the UCITS carefully. These documents are available on request from INOCAP Gestion or from its website at This document is not an offer to sell nor does it provide investment advice. The risks of the Fund (FCP) are those detailed in the prospectus. This UCITS does not offer any capital guarantees. The UCITS is exclusively intended to be marketed among residents in the country of registration. US persons may not subscribe to this UCITS. The information given on listed companies is intended solely to inform subscribers about the portfolio holdings and shall in no way be considered a recommendation to purchase or sell. INOCAP Gestion has no obligation whatsoever to hold the securities mentioned within the portfolio.